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by Jim Warino
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This is the old "COLUMNS" page. The "2001 COLUMNS" are here


Peter James Allen and his new band Highway are heading into the Coach House to open for Eric Burdon (formerly with The Animals) on January 12th. Peter is working up an entire set that will soon transpire into a CD and there is even a groove heavy version of the Bread classic ÒEverything I OwnÓ (written about the death and absence of David GatesÕ father).

Pantera is heading into the Universal Amphitheatre on February 3rd for those that missed them at the Ozzfest earlier this year. No word yet as to when theyÕre heading into studioville.

Dio nearly sold out the Universal Amphitheatre recently as he hit the venue with Yngwie Malmsteen and Doro Pesch (Warlock) in tow. He is still touring but he is working on Hear N Aid 11 which will feature many talented metal musicians including Ian Gillan, Halford, Dickinson and George Lynch. Plan for early 2001 for that release.
And speaking of the mighty Lynch, he is working on two projects currently. One is with Matt Kraemer of Saigon Kick that will be called Stonehouse. It is reportedly sounding like NIN meets Bowie meets Manson sonically. The other is Lynch Mob with former Lynch Mob vocalist Robert Mason. Should be interesting.

P.O.D. has hit platinum recently with their Atlantic debut. They have been selling out many dates on their U.S. tour that brought them to the Palace recently with Project 86 and Living Sacrifice opening up the show. P.O.D. played a few new tunes so theyÕre most likely tracking a follow up early next year.
Guitar wiz Joe Satriani hits the House Of Blues on January 26 and 27th in support of his newest release Engines Of Creation. But youÕll probably here a host of his past melodic hits also. DonÕt be surprised if he is joined on-stage by previous guitar students Steve Vai and Kirk Hammet if they are in town.

Lynyrd Skynyrd is heading into the Sun on New YearÕs Eve for those into a Southern groove to bring in the new year.

Warren De Martini and Ratt head into the Galaxy on December 15th with local band Ronny North opening up. Ronny is working on a full CD that should be out early next year for those waiting.

And in the needs prayer category is former Ozzy skinsman Randy Castillo as he has cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Hopefully he will get better.

Local guitar hero Al Estrada has just finished up a new CD entitled Freedom To Burn and you can pick up a copy via his website at

If you see the band Enemy playing around town you might want to catch them because it features Troy Van Leevwen (Perfect Circle, Failure) on guitar/vocals, Alan Cage (Quicksand) on drums and Eddy Napp (Handsome) on bass. The star studded band did something interesting E-Bay wise when he put the band up for a record deal with a 250 thousand dollar minimum bid. Well no takers yet but the band is now showcasing to majors around town.
In an answer to the famed 3 Tenors (Pavorotti, etc.) now there will be a 3 Tremors CD that will feature Geoff Tate, Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson. They are to track soon so they can have it available next year.

Anna (bass) and Martina (drums) from Drain S.T.H. are currently in town working on a new project called Superfix. No show dates as of yet, but IÕll keep you posted.

Sammy Hagar played the Universal recently that saw him put on a cool show that didnÕt even feature any Van Halen tunes or talk about them. He played some cool select tunes from the highly touted Montrose records with Ronnie Montrose with the many new and old solo releases.

Machine Head sardine packed the Whisky recently as they debuted new tunes from their upcoming record they are working on.
Also hardcore-metal band Non Point put on a good show with a dynamic singer and a bassist that had some clever bass lines. Pick up their MCA release.

In between your Christmas preparation and activity, you can check out either of the Universal or DisneylandÕs light shows. Also pick up Gary HoeyÕs metal flavored 3rd Christmas CD (he has 2 more) to check out his renditions of the classics.

Send all tapes, tips and packages to Metal Ledge, J.P. Warino, 14504 Carmenita Rd., Ste. D, Norwalk, CA 90650. Merry Christmas!!!


Mark your calendars now for November 18th for a cool triple bill of Yngwie Malmsteen, Ronnie James Dio and Doro (ex-Warlock) at the Universal Amphitheatre. Unfortunately, YngwieÕs new record War To End All Wars doesnÕt come out until the 22nd so youÕll have to go and hear the new cuts live first. Also remember Spitfire is releasing all of his back catalogue, so if youÕre missing some of the CDs now is your chance. And Dio bassist Jimmy Bain recently informed me that this is the start of an extensive tour that will even see the band hit the shores of Malaysia. Doro also has a new record out that you might want to pick up.
But if your musical pleasures lean towards the punk side, then on the 18th head over to the Forum to catch The Offspring along with MXPX.
Tribe Of Gypsies have just finished up some tour dates with Santana and already are back in the studio to track their next studio release. Expect it out early next year. If you havenÕt already been there, check out their website to find out about their previous releases.
Vicious Rumours have just finished up a new recording and plan to release it in January. The Frisco based band should tour by early March.
The recent Troubadour gig of Zakk Wylde was recorded for an upcoming live record that is going to be produced by PanteraÕs Diamond Darrel. Also ZakkÕs next studio release is to be produced by Darrel also. And if that isnÕt enough to keep one busy he is also writing songs for the next Ozzy studio record that is slated for a 2001 release.
Fuel (in the Creed, Pearl Jam, Tonic category) are heading into the Whisky November 14, 15 and 16.
Armenian band System Of A Down, heralding out of Glendale, are doing benefit concert for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide to stop crimes against humanity. The concert is taking place on November 4th at the Palace. Get tickets fast because it should sell out quickly.
Zakk De La Rocha has left Rage Against The Machine for those who havenÕt heard yet. Zakk said the decision making process broke down and the band couldnÕt agree. He also didnÕt want to go out on the upcoming Beastie boys tour. Sounds like irreconcilable differences. The rap/metal and has decided to go on and find a singer to replace Zakk. Names have already been brought up as a replacement. Time will tell.
Blink 182, associated with band Fenix TX, are heading into the House of Blues on November 25 for two shows that should sell quickly.
And 80Õs rockers Bon Jovi are headlining the Forum with Less Than Jake opening the bill on December 2nd. Their current album has already sold over 2 million copies.
Korn producer Ross Robinson has his new label now via Virgin Records and it is called I Am Records. Their first release on the label is by the band Amen. The CD that is produced by Ross and mixed by Mike Frazer is called We Have Come For Your Parents.
Former Montrose and Van Halen vocalist Sammy Hagar is bringing his Waboritas with him as he heads back into the Universal Amphitheatre.
Local heavyweights Diesel Machine with A.J. Cavilier on vox, Shane Galaas on drums, Rich Gonzales on bass and Patrick Lochman on guitar have finished their new CD and it will be out by the first of the year. Not only does this CD have heavy rhythms but it also features some of the best musicians in any band around (signed and unsigned). Definitely a must pick up, so console with your piggy bank when it becomes available.
After a sell out show at the Whisky, Slash recently played with his Snakepit at the Roxy. Pick up his new release because it is already getting good reviews. Also on the bill was local band Carbon 9, who are currently getting label bites.
Send all tapes, tips and packages to Metal Ledge, J.P. Warino, 14504 Carmenita Road, Suite D, Norwalk, CA 90650. See Ya!!! METAL LEDGE


Oni Logan of Lynch Mob fame will be heading into PaladinoÕs on October 26th with his new band Headset. The band also features Tim Hoffa on guitar, Jeffrey Shapiro on drums and Clackers K. on bass. They have laid down some tunes to CD, so maybe theyÕll have some available soon. They have been getting major label bites so IÕm sure with his incredible voice it wonÕt be long now.
Slash brought his Snakepit (the band not his home reptile zoo) to an in store and then to the Whisky for a sell out show. They have got a new CD out so pick it up to check out his riffage and songs.
Metal legend Tony Iommi is probably happy because his new solo record with many top vocalists (Phil Anselmo, Dave Grohl, Henry Rollins, etc.) has debuted in BillboardÕs top 30. Not bad for metal solo recording. And the first single featuring Dave Grohl is buzzing on the radio charts. No word yet if he is putting a band together to tour the effort though.
And if you missed the Deftones as they sold out the Palladium months ago, you can catch them with Incubus and Taproot when they play the theatre on the 23rd.
Blues fans should catch Jonny LangÕs gig on November 2nd at the Key Club.
Also at the Key Club a cool metal triple header of Fates Warning, Nevermore (check out their guitar players) and Planet hit the club on November 18th. DonÕt wait because it should easily sell out the under 500 capacity club.
Gary Hoey has finished his third Christmas instrumental CD since his first one was released in 1995. This new CD again features many popular tunes in different styles and flavorings which include metal. Definitely pick it up and pick up the first two because theyÕre definitely heavy. Also, he is playing O.C. on November 25th so check out the guitar hero if time permits.
Those musicians into trying to get the best out of their guitars, amps, speaker, cabinet and effects should call up luthier legend Karl Sandoval at (562) 464-0660 to get something built, repaired or modified because he is easily one of the greatest around. For those that donÕt know, Karl Sandoval worked at Mighty Mite and designed the Megazone, then went to Charvel before going on his own to form Sandoval guitars. The polka-dot flying V owned by Randy Rhoads was built ground up by Karl (actually Tracy G of WW111 and Dio was working for Karl when Randy came in) and he built guitars for Eddie Van Halen, George Lynch, Terry Kilgore, Tracy G and many others. Check out his website at
The Foo Fighters head into the Universal Amphitheatre later this month with the ever heavy Queens of the Stone Age in case you missed either of the bandÕs recent shows.
And while youÕre waiting for the Thin Lizzy shows early in 2001, you can pick up the CMC live release from shows they did last year to hold you over.
In case you missed the L.A. Metal Fest that took place on Saturday, October 14th at the Brave Bull in San Gabriel with Agent Steel, Steel Prophet, Abattoir and many others, donÕt fret because Chief over at Indian Head Entertainment told me that he might be working out a deal that might have metal in L.A. on a weekly basis. News to follow.
King Crimson bring their unique brand of rock to the House of Blues on October 23rd and 24th. Should be interesting.
For those into flamenco guitar, you should catch the Strunz and Farrah show coming to the Coach House on November 10th.
And in the amazing guitarists shows category, on November 24th at the Sun Theatre (in the Anaheim Stadium parking lot) you can catch Al DiMeola, Larry Carlton and Robben Ford on the same bill. All of them have a very extensive recording career, so I think youÕll have no problem picking up any release to primer for the upcoming show.
Send all tapes, tips and packages to Metal Ledge, J.P. Warino, 14504 Carmenita Rd., Ste. D, Norwalk, CA 90650. See Ya!!!


Ozzfest has once again come through with great crowd numbers that should insure a return visit next summer for SoCal. The diversity of the 22 bands definitely helped the sale figures because people not only came for the simple fact of seeing the entire marathon, but also by checking the concert schedule they could come and just see the band they want and still catch their barbecue or other event. And there were still many people buying tickets right up to Ozzy and Pantera.
And speaking of Ozzy now he is resuming work on his studio album that he should have out by next year.

And speaking of Pantera, the boys pulled off the show even though both Phil and Darrell were sick. I necessarily wouldnÕt recommend their liquid flu medicine they were drinking.
And P.O.D. played an intense set for both the crowd and a large host of people on the stage. IÕm sure the previous Sunday Times (L.A.) feature helped their buzz rate also. The band should be back soon to play an L.A. club date soon before they nestle back in their San Diego homeland.
Prizefighter and Mogg played to a full house recently at the Troubadour so maybe you should catch them next time out.

And speaking of female pop vocalists, Terri B. and her band My Ruin were out at the Ozzfest as guest of Kitty) who are big fans of Terri and company) and she told me that they have finished up a new CD and should release it soon.

The Scorpions once legendary guitarist Uli Jon Roth should have his new rock record out shortly and hopefully he will tour the states in support of it because rumor has it he is using a top rhythm section.

Halford, Queensryche and Iron Maiden rolled through town recently and put on very energetic shows for both Irvine and the Universal which showcased the bands with new and early Maiden, although Maiden should have played less new tunes and QueensrycheÕs set wasnÕt that strong compared to the rest of the show, but people definitely got their moneyÕs worth. And Halford musically redeemed himself from the last tourÕs ill fated industry metal outing as his new tunes were definitely metal and the fans definitely dug the past tunes also.
Punk masters Strung Out are heading into the Palace on both the 6th and 7th of October for those into it.

And on October 5th, you can catch the trippy 70Õs groove rockers Phish at Irvine Meadows or BritainÕs new sensation Travis at the Universal Amphitheatre.
Blues rock band Indigenous rolled through town recently at the Roxy and the Galaxy and played some top caliber sets and even encored with some classic Hendrix. They are getting exceptionally better so watch the listings for when they come back to town.

Because I didnÕt know in advance, I accidentally only caught the last 30 seconds of legendary rock/metal vocalist Graham Bonnet. I immediately went on-stage and checked out the set list to find out that he didnÕt play ÒHiroshimaÓ which relieved my disappointment since itÕs my favorite Graham Bonnet/Yngwie Malmsteen tune. After their set I had the opportunity to talk to Graham who said this was a one-off gig and that he is working with Chris Impelliteri on his new record, so youÕll probably be able to get the new CD soon. He still has got an intense vocal approach so catch him when he plays out again.

Alice Cooper brought his Brutal Planet to the Universal Amphitheatre recently and put on an incredible stage show and played many tunes of past and present. He even played some seldom heard great tunes from his first albums. One thing that should change is to bring the guitar up in the mix because many of his greatest tunes are not only great because of his unique vocal ability and cool melodies, but also or mainly because the great guitar riffs and it wimps out the song when the guitar is down. And many of this early guitar riffs even influenced perhaps metalÕs greatest guitarist ever...Randy Rhoads. Check out Desperado by Cooper and Diary by Ozzy for instance. Anyway many bands make the same mistake. Pick up the new Brutal Planet if you havenÕt already because it has some Zombie heavy riffs with though provoking lyrics.
Another top metal vocalist David Wayne is in town working on a new Metal Church record. Should be cool. IÕll keep you posted if he plays out since there are so many clubs available in the area that would jump at the chance to have them play.
Send all tapes, tips and packages to Metal Ledge, J.P. Warino, 14504 Carmenita Rd., Ste. D, Norwalk, CA 90650. See Ya!!!
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