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by Tequila Mockingbird
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This is the old "COLUMNS" page. The "2001 COLUMNS" are here


The Indie National Women In Rock Festival in Universal City was very educational. Nancy had invited me the day before at the New Times Music Awards. The hotel cost you plenty to park but once we were inside there were lots of goodies and invaluable educational items. Rock City News had a booth and I found this great book called The Musicians Atlas 2001 that rules. Vocal coaches, CD manufacturers, how to break into the business books, including my favorite Musicians Atlas 2001 which I own and is filled with facts that musicians need in an orderly fashion. Seminars on internet, radio, press, etc., they even had a Rock City News and Records booth! I really enjoyed the experience because I took my brainiest girlfriend Janey and she even said she learned something.
Kalvin Christian played at the Knitting Factory. He is a very good writer, he sings and plays guitar. My first time there and it was very New York. All the times for the bands were wrong and the kitchen was closed by 10pm. I had gone to see Kalvin Christian, a 16-year old songwriter-singer who just cut his first CD. This young toe head can rock. We were even treated to a CD, T-shirt and poster. It’s the first time I have ever worn a 16-year old rock child on my chest. Talent comes in all shapes and sizes.
Johnny Indovina and I went to and saw Engines of Aggression and Broken. It was packed and all the usual suspects were glammed up. Johnny is in town to record a new Human Drama album. And a good time was had by all. I ran into Michael Bishop formerly of the rock band John Q Public. He made a documentary on the early punk scene that is going to Sundance staring Keith Morris from the Circle Jerks, Jello Biafra, from the Dead Kennedy’s and more. I stopped by Dayle Gloria’s Krobar, a Tuesday night thing at Goldfingers with Cleo, and then on the Beauty Bar and The Burgundy Room where it was rowdier that a lowdown orgy.

I stopped by and Rat Bastard, actor, rock star and Goth extraordinare, was working with Mark and Peter. Paul Picasso and I took pictures for the Hollywood Babble magazine project. We also shot the daytime stars of Serious and Red Balls. Cool. Awards ceremony was a blast with El Vez’s Robert Lopez.
Come see Dieta Klaus of Idol Worship at the Key Club.
I sang with Alana at Make Up where we gave a Baptist back up vocal to “Stairway To Heaven.” We shot more pictures for Babble. Cleo has a great Let My Puppet’s Come party and we spent 3 days looking for a 15 foot penis. Meanwhile I have the Doo Dah Parade coming up on Sunday the 19th in Pasadena. Gigs at the Whisky and the Cat Club. A band that thinks I should feed them or fuck them or pay their rent or a least one of my friends should. Temper tantrums, Deal Memo’s, Movie Schedules, and drama.
Well kiddies I am single and looking for a new band, a new writing partner, a new collaborator and a new life. I deleted all corrupted and damaged files out of my system and as painful as it is, I’m on the mend. Come see me rock out with my pals at the Cat Club, 8:15pm Wednesdays on the Sunset strip on the 29th. The Whisky is checking us out the 22nd at 12:30am! I’m looking for bands at CIA, you know the drill.
Tequila Mockingbird, 6546 Hollywood Blvd., #212, LACA 90028.


This week started off with a bang as we visited the Camero club with your fave rave DJ Apollo star at the helm. The evenings fare was a heavy metal send up band who played the songs better than the original groups. Slash’s Snakepit were to play across the street the next night so I called up Tom, Slash’s manager, for tickets only to find out that Slash has fired him after 13 years...trying something new were the words I think he used...Good Luck you sexy thing. Slash try more acting.
Robin Kennington and I went to Tomata Du Plenty’s wake at the Hollywood Memorial Cemetery and saw our youth flash before our eyes, all the people we loved to love and loved to hate in a place where we’ll be on the get together forever list. Poet, producer, you’ve got bad taste store owner, inventor of Silverlake Chic, singer for X Exene Cervanka and her son, Performance God, John Fleck, John Pochna Casting agent to the stars, Janet Cunningham, Fayette, Bunky, Natasha, Brendan Mullen, Information Mistress, Lena Lacaro, guy about town, Jim Freek, Director of Population One, Rene Daaldher, Screamers, K.K. and Tommie, Carl Struchklen whom I was watching in the Witches of Eastwick the night before, Miss Mercy from the GTO’s whose finally gettin’ paid on Behind The Music. Truly an old school moment. They buried him in a box he designed himself with his quirky art work on it. I own his Sex Pistols portrait painted on the first page of Edgar Allen Poe’s the Pit and the Pendulum. Tomato was a great pal and on the 8th of November he will be remembered again at Fais DoDo.
My band K.K. and the Sneaky Freaks played Club Blow at Lingerie. That was a blast all the sexy Coke Whore GoGo dancers and foxy guys in the audience like Shawn and Dougie Sex and nearly nude fashion show at our gaff after the show I’m sure a good time was had by all.
Tequila and the Actual Matrix played the Canter’s Kibbitz Room and Spaceland in the last week under our public name “Fellatio.” Our CDs are pressed, we are working with Lee Kiefer, who engineered George Harrison’s Bangladesh album, produced Tommy Bolin, Keith Moon, The Tubes, Divinyls, Ike and Tina etc., etc., etc. Anyway we like him.
For the spirited we will be playing The Ghostic Society Hallow’s Eve Party on November 2nd on Sunset and Hollywood.
We are playing on November 7th at the Garage with Asmodeus X, Listen to the Warm, Benedict Arnold and the Traitors and us, Fellatio at the Garage in Silverlake. It will be Election day so we will provide lot’s of surprises provided by St. Thomas Records.

Busy times we are playing at the Old Town Pub in Pasadena on November 22nd during DooDah week and the parade is on that Sunday.
While Fellatio was rehearsing at SIR we ran into Limp Bizkit and one of my favorite’s Detox. The joint was hoppin’ and the music pouring out of the three rehearsal rooms were great.
Mick Jagger was at Jumbo’s Clown room where he ran into a friend of mine. My friend said, “Mick why are you here? You can have any girl you want in the world? Why are you here?” And Mick just gave him a look and said, “Sometimes I like them like this.”
I was recently interviewed on Libertarian Rock, a new show with your host chairman of the party Mark Seltzer, former Stoopid Records store owner and cool guy.
Buck Cherry is at Scream and I’m going and CIA is open again and I’m doing the booking. Halloween is coming. I might be throwing a bash with Paul Picasso at the Roosevelt Hotel again. We’ll see, keep your ears open.
Went to the Three of Clubs with Sabrina from New Times to see Lee Joseph’s of Dionysis Records jam. Never a dull moment at the Three of Clubs, I even ran into Adam from Rommel’s Goggles for yesteryear lore.
Pygmy Love Circus has finally got it made in the shade. Our fav local band is being produced by Tool at Larabee studios as we speak. The big man Michael Savage and the lads will be available soon on the Tool website. Yeah!
Happy Birthday Barbara from Snotty Scotty and the Hankies and the Girl’s Band.
Terri King had a fantastic fantasy fashion theater at Club Makeup. Alxis Arquette introduced himself as everybody’s favorite nigger, has he been reading my unpublished book “Rock ‘n’ Roll Nigger?” He asked me to sing with the Make Up Band and I said sure, cause Zander’s so cute and all. Joseph Brooks was my boss at the Fetish Club in the 80’s.
Look for Tequila TV on Sundays at 11:30. Check out the shows, who knows.
Write me: Tequila Mockingbird, 6546 Hollywood Blvd., #212, LACA 90028, tequilamockingbird@


Happy Birthday Budgie of Hollywood Your party with Coyote Shivers, Bubble and the Sisters Grimm at Pretty Ugly ruled. Thank you for keeping us in touch with our scene.
The most wonderful thing happened on my way to Scream. I got excited because I knew I would see my Old School Punk Pals like Alise at the Kings X show. I have know Brandon Cruz since he was 12 years old and I played the benefit concert for him when Bill Bixby got prostrate cancer. The band was great and also Kudo’s to Engines of Aggression who were also my cup of tea. Great shows Dale.
The Scream picnic was a blast. I brought my 11 year old. It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood and on the greenness of the grass and the blueness of the sky made for a prefect picnic. Lots of serious employees and ex-employees, Kerol Reye, Sirius Trixon, who made fun of me because I didn’t spell his name correctly in my last article. (He mailed me a letter with the Horny page gossip column and lots more stuff to show me how to spell his name. He has started a new line of gossip about me saying I slept with Elden Polk (El Duce) who was certainly my friend by certainly not my type. Never happened.) Apollo Star fantastic photographer and great gossip man for the Hornys, Francois from Motorcycle Boy, who returned Dale’s Scream sign stolen ten years ago, and more exciting stuff. We all did our best to deal with the daylight. Dale and I were still discussing the soundman that she had to hire to replace Matrix for one night. After a 3 hour soundcheck with the freshly acquired soundman, another soundman came in and cleared the boards leaving 9 bands with the sound of an Iranian war invasion. Well, we survived it.
Idol Worship’s CD is ready and they are looking for a label.
And now, the winner of a case of fully deserved virtual fleet enemas goes to... drum roll please, Roseanne the former and I do mean former drummer of Doppelganger. On tour she was wretched. When getting stage clothing from Terri King she refused to pay her bill and insulted the couture gear, and now finally she has shown her true colors borrowing $500.00 for drums for the band headlining show at Pretty Ugly in Dragonfly she after buying the drums didn’t feel like setting her new drums up and would not play the house drums leaving Janna and Joan with a packed house and no music throw water at her and she claims I pitched a bottle. Listen if I would throw a bottle at you I guarantee it would be glass and you would feel it. I don’t pussy foot around.
Punch-drunk played at Goldfingers Sunday night Kingpin club. My old friend Jack Prince was in the band, The Sisters Grimm were stunning as always, so were Danny and Ricky from Motochrist. One of L.A.’s finest, our beloved Pope and Devo formally of Purple Mountain currently in two new bands.
I went to the Absolute Chalk Festival and silent auction at the Lightbringer project. I bought an awesome painting by Sanchez. It looks like Robert Williams’ work (Appetite For Destruction, Guns N Roses album cover), it is a red headed woman floating in the sky surrounded by helicopters that bizarrely feature skulls.
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