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Be Our Guest On The L.A. Tour . . .
Part 2
Sunset - Hollywood

From the Sunset Strip to Hollywood Blvd
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Moving down Sunset Strip, we pass a dance club called Dublin's Pub, that attracts lots of trendy up-scale people, and right next door is another constantly changing "Social Club." There's usually a traffic jam around here on Sunset from all the BMW's trying to park (and show off). The Roxbury used to be right across the street, but was closed last year, and it's now a Japanese Restaurant.

Just a block further is the famous Coconut Teaszer, the dark and cozy biggest small club rock club on the strip. This club has a low ceiling and plenty of cubbyholes to hang out in, and the outside patio is perfect for that outdoor feel. (cigarette break) It's across the corner from the huge Virgin Megastore Complex, a perfect location for high visability. They always have a full schedule of local bands, and downstairs at the Crooked Bar they have acoustic acts and comedy on a smaller stage. This is a great place to test your new material, and you can sign up the day of the show.

Moving on down the Sunset Strip we pass the Comedy Store, the Laugh Factory, all the guitar stores, (about 20 of them in two blocks) and turn left at La Brea. (our Rock City Office is just around the corner) Go up to Hollywood Blvd and turn right and right there on the right is Hollywood Grand (formerly Spice). This club constantly changes it's name, and they have different dance clubs on different nights of the week, so check the L.A. Weekly for updates.

Continuing on down Hollywood Blvd, we pass Mann's Chinese Theater, where the old movie stars put their footprints in the sidewalk, and the Walt Disney's El Capitan theater and past the construction of the new Hollywood Metro Station. The street is under construction cause they're building Metro Rail subway underneath.
This MTA Subway is due to be finished in the year 2001, but will probably be sometime later. It will bring more business to Hollywood, (and more bums) and should be a great benefit to Hollywood and to North Hollywood because the freeway between the two is usually jammed.
They are also building a huge theater complex across the street where the Academy Awards will be held. This should make the already terrible traffic problems at this corner much worse.

MOGULS PHOTO We pass the Bar D Lux, a club on Las Palmas that's really cool and has bands nightly, and don't stop at Boardners on Cherokee or the Frolic Room on Wilcox, pass the old Moguls on Schrader St.. It's a big dark club, with a high ceiling and a stage that was closed recently but may re-open someday.

OPIUM DEN PHOTO Just around the corner a few blocks, we stop at the Opium Den. This club is right behind the Ivar Theater and is great since they remodeled the old gaslight. It's got that old brick look and a bigger stage too.

JACKS PHOTO We'll now go up Vine St. to Jack's Sugar Shack at the corner of Hollywood Blvd to see who's playing. They usually have the old school type bands, blues and rockabilly, and good ones at that. The inside is decorated like Tahati, a real bamboo shack, and it's a great place for local Hollywood musicians to hang out.

Other Hollywood clubs are the Lava Lounge at Sunset & La Brea, The Hollywood Atheletic Club, a huge old magnificent Hollywood Parlor with lots of fancy rooms. It used to be the Berwin Entertainment Center and after that was a pool hall for years. At the corner of Wilcox and Yucca, the worst corner in Hollywood, is Goldfingers, a cool bar in the alley. Bordners, a small bar on Cherokee in Hollywood has bands playing in the back patio on occasion, and right next door, in an old Hollywood type room, is the Bar Sinister, a gothic type club with live bands and a great old time bar.

New clubs within the past year or so are The Gig and the Joint. The Gig actually has two clubs, one on Melrose and the other in West L.A. Both are rock clubs with local bands playing nightly, and The Joint is at Pico and Robertson, another local rock club.

We'll continue, now, to Hollywood's most famous club, the . . .

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