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The American Rock Railroad is the merger of the

A. C.
American Coast
D. C.

Daylight California

R. C.

Rock City

"HO" scale

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and the following "Tiny Trains" Railroads:

Heavy Metal Railroad
C & W

Country & Western Railroad
R & B

Rhythm & Blues Railroad
St. Louis

These railroads are all on the far horizon (back corners of the layout) behind the Z layouts and are further away (smaller scale) . This scale is 1:900, about 1/4 the size of "Z". Stay tuned as negotiations are in progress to merge further with a chain of "magic scale" railroads that will fill the space between the Z scale and TY scale. The "magic scale" is about 1:450, plus or minus a little, and is usually only used in toys that move, and usually has a "disney-isc" cartoonish look.

For more info, read the "Electric Railroad Gazette"

American Rock Railroad Openhouse press release Sunday, Sept, 17, 2000

The Coolest multi-scale Railroad On Earth!

From HO scale in the foreground, N scale in the middle, Z scale in the background, and Magic and TY scale in the far corners, it has a forced perspective that gives a feeling of great distance. Imagine your eyes going back 30 miles in 3 feet! It is built in the 2 Car Garage, 18 foot by 19 foot, as shown below. click for enlargment

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For the panarama photos, click here
Progression Photos, section by secton click here

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