American Rock / Rock City Railroad Openhouse Press Release

You are cordially invited to attend
a unique model railroad open house
and Bar B Que with Local L.A. Bands

This event is free and open to the public

This Sunday, Jan 10th
7030 De Longpre Ave, Hollywood, CA 90028

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The American Rock/ Rock City Railroad

Click Here Now for a ride on the Rock City Railroad!

The railroad is built in a 2 Car Garage behind the Rock City office, and will be part of a backyard bar-b-que. You are welcome to bring your own refreshments.

The American Rock Railroad is a "forced perspective" model railroad that gives a feeling of great distance. From "HO scale" in the foreground, to "N Scale" in the middle, to "Z Scale" in the back, and "TY scale" in the far corners, it turns 3 feet into 30 miles or more.

The American Rock Railroad is the merger of the multi-scale AC/DC/RC Railroad, with:
1. The Heavy Metal Railroad in California
2. The Country & Western Railroad in Colorado
3. The Rhythm & Blues Railroad in St. Louis
(These three background railroads are "TY Scale" (1:900), and still under construction).

Rumor has it that the AC/DC/RC Railroad, stands for "Electricity" and is "Radio Controlled," while other think the rock band "AC/DC" might have been an influence. Actually, the "RC" part of the railroad stands for the HO scale (1:87) Rock City" Railroad. It is the original layout, and is mostly visible in the foreground. It consists of two separate loops, the inside loop and the outside loop, which can also be set into one continuos loop via the "Magic Tunnel." The line takes you along the California coastline, through mountain Canyons, past the old train yard, through the Rocky Mountains, past a waterfall, through New York City, and around Big Foot Lake, Lookout Mountain, and St. Louis, Missouri.

The "DC" is the Daylight California Railroad, is the N scale (1:140) part of the layout, and consists of three separate loops. A large main loop covers the entire layout, encircling the smaller St. Louis Railroad and Hollywood Railroad. In Hollywood it passes California Canyons and The Sunset Strip, and then in Central California, where the turntable and roundhouse are located. It then enters the Rocky Mountains, where the yard is located and it passes a bridge over "Rock City Falls" waterfall. In New York City it passes old buildings and a station in the suburbs before entering St. Louis, where it passes the famous Arch, Old Town, and the Worlds Fair before heading back around the back of the loop again.

The "AC" stands for The American Coast Railroad, which is the "Z scale" (1:220) part of the layout, which consists of five individual self-contained looping "Z scale" layouts:
1. The Hollywood Fantasy Railroad, which travels through Hollywood, over bridges to fantasy mountains and castles overlooking the beautiful California coastline.
2. The Rocky Mountain Railroad, a "figure 9" that travels up a mountain and back down again.
3. The St. Louis Railroad, which travels to Georgia, around the top of Lookout Mountain, and over the waterfalls of the "See Rock City" tourist attraction. All three are connected by a main line that can be divided into . . .
4. The East Coast American Railroad, which goes from the Rocky Mountains, through New York, and to St. Louis, has a four line yard at the downtown station in New York, and a turntable and roundhouse in the Rocky Mountain loop.
5. The West Coast Pacific Coast Railroad, which goes around the Hollywood layout, along the wall and around the Rocky Mountain layout. It features a four line yard in front of the Rocky Mountain Layout, and a smaller two line spur yard in Hollywood. Five separate trains can run on these five completely separate loops.

Way back around 1883 the Z scale Hollywood Fantasy Railroad and the Rocky Mountain Railroad merged to form the Pacific Coast Railroad. About the same time on the East coast, the St. Louis Railroad merged with the American Railroad, out of New York, and then around 1908, these two new companies merged to form the great American Coast Railroad, which today covers the entire United States (our two car garage).

We are enclosing a few flyers for the event, which you can freely pass out to your members and guests. We hope you will enjoy this very different and amazing model railroad. For more info, visit our website at or contact Engineer MacBlue at 323-461-6600.

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