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Appian Way and Attica
Long Beach, CA 90803

Hours: Sun up to Sundown

Parking: The parking lot is open from 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. It is a metered lot where .25 cents/ 15 minutes of parking. From June 2- September 30 parking is .50 cents for one hour.

Phone: (562) 570-1360

Beach Information
Special Comments: Marine Park, known as Mother's Beach, is a beach located in the Alamitos Bay where kids take over the entire beach. Enjoy some sun in a safe and fun family atmosphere. Families will love Mother's Beach because there is grass with shade and picnic tables. This is where the kids take over the water and the sand. It is a giant play space with safe swimming. A lifeguard is on duty keeping a close watch on the kids.

Mother's Beach is a place for mothers to get some sun and relax with other moms while their kids tire themselves out playing their hearts out.

Food/dining: Food/Dining is available on 2nd Street
Restrooms: Restrooms with showers to wash off the sand are on the beach.

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