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Palos Verdes
Individual Beach Pages
White Point / Royal Palms Beach and rocks, Ocean Trails & Beaches,
Portuguese Point, Abalone Cove, and Palos Verdes Cliff views.

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White Point south high

White Point south low

Royal Palms north high

Royal Palms north low

Royal Palms north 2

Royal Palms north park

Royal Palms picnic area

Royal white point rocks

Royal White Point kids

White Point rockscape

and more rockscapes

the seagulls keep watch

White Point sculpture

with alligator ridges

around south bend

Back up the hill

and on to Ocean Trails

with spectacular surf

and breathtaking views

we walk the ocean trails

don't fall off the cliff

ocean desert trails

Your photographer, Ruben

Ride and shoot trails

and see beaches below

on to Poruguese Bend

Where we look at Portugues Point

Portuguese point afar

Abalone Beach afar

Portuguese Point again

Moving to Abalone Cove

down to Abalone beach

along Abalone sand

and back up the cliffs

Palos Verdes cliffs

Palos Verdes south

Palos Verdes color

Palos Verdes north

Palos Verdes Sunset

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