Welcome to Big Rock
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North of where Big Rock intersects PCH
Malibu, CA 90265

Hours: Closed Sundown to Sunrise

Parking: Free parking on P.C.H.

Phone: (310) 457-2525

Beach Information
Special Comments: Big Rock Beach is a private beach with a public access walkway. The rocky shores make for some excellent shore fishing, diving, and kayaking. Big Rock Beach has good reefs for diving. In October you can find many lobsters out in the cracks and cervices of the ocean floor. Shore fishing is one of the best in the area. Large sand bass are a common catch off the rocks.

On strong south and west swells Big Rock produces some nice surf. It takes a big swell and a medium low tide. There are scattered boulders in the water so if you are a beginner surf Sunset point. Many friendly dogs run out from their homes to greet you when you walk along the beach. Crowds are minimal and the beach is not handicap friendly. It is very rugged.

Food/dining: There is no food available on the beach but there are some great restaurants south of the area on P.C.H.
Restrooms: There are no restrooms on the beach

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