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Rock City Records Local Band Compilations Release
Part 1 - "Promotional Letter"
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Rock City Records (RCR) Compilation CDs are great promotional tools for local bands. Having a song on the CDs is an excellent way to get local music heard by the industry as well as other musicians within the bandŐs peer group. Each band will pay a one time fee of $300., which will include all the promotional features.

1. Bands and music must be approved by RCR. Recorded music master must be supplied by band.

2. RCR will print a minimum of 2,000 CDs, which we will distribute free to many music media businesses, including record companies, radio stations, publications, etc, and retail through outlets in many L.A. music stores that will accept them. The CDs will also be available at a small cost at the RCR office or through the mail or website.

3. RCR will run a minimum of 6 FULL PAGE ADS in Rock City News, which will promote the CD. A photo of the band will appear on the full page advertising and on the CD.

4. RCR will print a short band bio "close up" feature in the newspaper before or after the CD release, and on the CD sleeve itself.

5. RCR will also distribute flyers for the CD, send out multiple faxes to the Los Angeles music industry, including press related businesses, and RCR will make every reasonable effort to promote the record in various ways in and around Los Angeles.

6. RCR will also promote the CD on their website, and make it's digital content available for internet downloading or distribution. RCR will only release the song in hardcopy as part of a compilation CD, however, it will make the composition's digital contents available for individual download on the internet.

7. Each band submitting a song for the CD will receive 25 complimentary copies of the CD.

8. Each band will keep the rights to their song, only letting us use in it on our L.A. music scene compilations and/or free downloads on our website. The simple contract is available to interested parties.

9. RCR will put together a CD Release Party at a local club in Hollywood, featuring some of the bands on the CD. Further details will be announced, and the expected CD release party date will be within 45 days of the CD release.

10. This will help establish the bands on the CD as some of the best bands of the L.A. music scene, and give them credibility as well as promotion and product. This is a great opportunity for bands now, and a great tool and stepping stone for their future.

click here for the Release Form

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