the Tiny

TY scale (1:900) in the very far corners

Magic scale (1:450) in the corners

to Z scale (1:220) across the back

to N scale (1:120) in the middle,

and HO scale (1:87) in the foreground,

it has a forced perspective that gives a feeling of great distance. It is built in the 2 Car Garage behind the Rock City Office, Hollywood California.

The Recent Merger of the multiscale

Consisting of:
The American Coast Railroad, (Z scale 1:220)
The Daylight California Railroad, (N scale 1:140)
& The Rock City Railroad, (HO scale 1:87)

And the following Tiny Trains Railroads, (TY scale 1:900)
1. The Heavy Metal Railroad in California
2. The Country & Western Railroad in Colorado
3. The Rhythm & Blues Railroad in St. Louis

Stay tuned as negotiations are in progress to merge further with a chain of magic scale railroads that will fill the space between the Z scale and TY scale. The "magic scale" is about 1:450, plus or minus a little, and is usually only used in toys that move, and usually has a "disney-isc" cartoonish look.
Here's how the layout is built in the 2 car garage.

Contact Ruben MacBlue
Chief Engineer of the American Rock Railroad at 323-461-6600.