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North Pacific Beach

Garnet Avenue and the Crystal Pier, north to Loring Street [Map It]

Accessible 24 hours a day; no camping

Street parking only, with most spaces unrestricted but some with time limits



 Beach Information

Special Comments: PB attracts a large college crowd, especially south of Crystal Pier near the boardwalk. If you're looking for a slightly less crowded and rowdy place to soak in the sun, go north of the pier. North PB's mellow atmosphere is due in part to the low coastal bluffs that raise the boardwalk 50 feet or so above the beach, isolating the beach from the boardwalk traffic.

North Pacific Beach has seasonal water activity zones. During the summer months the water from Crystal Pier to Diamond Street is designated as a surfing-only zone. Diamond Street to Law Street is reserved for swimming only. Law Street north is a surfing-only zone.

Pay attention to the location of the black-and-yellow checkered flags. On San Diego beaches the lifeguards use this flag to delineate between a surf zone and a swim zone.

There are usually a couple of dangerous rip currents in the water off North Pacific Beach. If you are not an accomplished ocean swimmer be sure to ask lifeguards which areas are safe.

There are a few basic rules to remember when visiting North Pacific Beach:

1. Alcohol may be consumed but only between the hours of noon and 8 p.m. Alcohol consumption is prohibited at all times on the boardwalk and on or against the seawall.

2. You may have your dog on the beach but only before 9 a.m. and after 6 p.m. During permitted hours dogs must be leashed at all times and don't forget to clean up after your pets.

3. Fires are permitted on the beach but must be contained either in a city-provided concrete fire square or in an approved container that keeps the fire high enough above the ground so the sand does not become dangerously hot.

4. Glass beverage containers are never permitted on any San Diego beach.

Food/dining: Hennessey's is an excellent bar and grill a block from the boardwalk on Emerald Street. Taco Surf, a favorite with the locals, is on the east side of Mission Boulevard between Felspar and Emerald streets. Several other fast-food restaurants can be found around the intersection of Garnet Avenue and Mission Boulevard. Breakfast at Kono's at the foot of Garnet on the boardwalk (just north of the pier entrance) is a must for anyone who wants a true Pacific Beach experience.

Restrooms: You'll find the restrooms along the boardwalk at the foot of Diamond Street and the foot of Law Street. Freestanding cold-water showers are located on the beach at the foot of Felspar Street and the foot of Law Street.

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