Welcome to: Newport Harbor and Balboa Island
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Framed by Pacific Coast Highway inland and Balboa Peninsula. Balboa Island is accessed by Jamboree Road or a ferry from the peninsula.

Hours: 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Parking: $7 maximum in the lot west of Balboa Avenue on the peninsula; limited parking on the streets of Balboa Island.

Phone: (949) 644-3309
Special Comments:
For Your Convenience
Many of the small beaches on Balboa Island are public, but parking is so tough that your best bet is to bike or skate in. The Fun Zone and Balboa Island are a classic OC beach experience (if you don't mind the heavy summer tourist traffic). The arcades, shops and dining make for great fun for families and others of all ages. Bike and skate rentals are widely available, but neither are permitted on the boardwalk of the Fun Zone.

Food/Dining: Concession stands, restaurants, cafes, etc. are plentiful.

Facilities: Lifeguards, marina, fishing, bike paths, bus stop, food stands, playground, rentals.

Restrooms: Clean and neat public restrooms are found near the ferry landing on each side of the harbor. On the peninsula., some are located in the Fun Zone, near the merry-go-round, and at Palm Street and Bay Avenue.

Dogs: Allowed in parking lots and on pavement only; not allowed on the sand. A walk around the waterside sidewalk on Balboa Island with your dog is a recommended and fun experience.

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