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Location: Between Beach Blvd. and Seapoint Avenue.

Hours: 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. (beach)
5 a.m. to midnight (pier)

Parking: $6 all day; 2,400 spaces in the parking lot, as well as street parking on Pacific Coast Highway and the nearby neighborhoods.

Phone: (714) 536-5486
For Your Convenience
Tourists flock to the city beach during summer to enjoy all that is the heart of Surf City, USA. The ratio of kids to adults probably jumps from 50/50 during the winter to 80/20 in summer. Parking is close, food is easily found, rentals of all types abound (especially near the pier), and lifeguards are on duty daily. Surfing is restricted during heavy crowds between the pier and Beach Blvd. A paved boardwalk — ideal for biking and skating — runs the length of the beach, separating the parking lot and sand.

Food/Dining: Seven concession stands are located between the pier and Beach Blvd.

Facilities: Lifeguards, pier, bus stop, fire rings, food stands, picnic tables, rentals, surfing, fishing, volleyball, basketball courts, showers, bike paths.

Restrooms: New restrooms were constructed in 1999, and are kept up very well.

Dogs: Dog owners will absolutely love Dog Beach, found at the northernmost end of the city beach at Seapoint Avenue. Dogs are allowed during the same hours as the rest of the public.

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