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The Official New American Dictionary
For the New American Century

By The Staff and Friends at
Rock City News

Liberation: Invading, Killing and stealing oil

GOP: "Grand Ol Party" of Republican Nazis

Republicans: Rich Nazis

Righteous: What Republicans are

Neocons: Supremacist Nazis for the "New World Order"

Democrats: Cleaning Ladies for the Republicans

Socialists: People fed up with Nazis and their Cleaning Ladies

Communists: Anyone that doesn't support Republicans

Liberals: Defamatory word like "niggers" and "faggots"

Right Wing: 90% of America. Includes all Pro-war, pro-rich, pro-racism, Republicans and their "Cleaning Ladies."

Left Wing: a few scattered punk rockers and conspiracy theorists. A defamatory word like "atheist" and "communist"

Anarchists: Anyone that opens their mouth against the Nazis

Capitalism: Where it's OK to cheat, steal, lie, and kill, so that the CEO of your company can buy a bigger house and swimming pool.

Americans: People that believe Saddam did 9-11 and Al Qaida is everywhere.

Al Qaida: Covert CIA operatives and non-existent scapegoats for terrorism.

Nazi: Pro-war racists, mostly Republicans

3rd Reich: German Nazis that Prescott Bush financed.

4th Reich: The Bush Regime

Zionists: Religious fanatics that believe the "Greater Israel" is God's "chosen" country and it's enemies are all evil.

Settlers: Radical ultra-right Israelis that believe stealing land is God's wish.

Massacre: What American settlers did to Indians, and what Israeli "settlers" do to Palestinians

Anti-Semitic: Anyone that opposes Israel's war machine.

Lukid Party: Israel's ultra-right Nazi party led by war criminal extraordinaire, Ariel Sharon

The Constitution: An old document that's outdated and useless.

The Patriot Act: The new U.S. Constitution, a blue print for fascism, fanaticism, and the New World Order.

The Flag: Symbol that stands for Republicans and war.

Patriotism: Never ending flag waving in support of never ending war.

Democracy: The right to work 9 - 5 just to pay the rent.

Freedom: Why the make-believe terrorists hate us.

Statue of Liberty: Meaningless statue that we wish we could give back to the French.

French Fries: Word no longer allowed to be used in Bush's Amerika.

Freedom Fries: Hatred filled slur of the French for not supporting mass Arab genocide for the New World Order.

New World Order: Neo-fascist idea that we must steal the world's oil and destroy worhippers of the wrong God for world domination in the New American Century.

New American Century: The Neocon's dream of the future where America rules the world and plunders the world's resources.

9-11: Bush's attack on America, to be blamed on "Islamic terrorists," to kick start a holy war for his New World Order.

9-11 Hijackers: Mythical Muslims, of which there is NO EVIDENCE, schemed up by the Bush Family Evil Empire in their plan to conquer the world.

Pentagon: America's military center, without any outside surveillance cameras, where the 9-11 missile did a 270 degree circle to pierce 8 reinforced brick walls of the first floor of the "under construction" section without leaving a trace of itself.

NORAD: North American Air Defense system that failed due to a stand down order on 9-11

Twin Towers: World trade center buildings which Silversteen bought, insured, and temporarily closed to plant the 9-11 demolitions

WTC #7: The 3rd building that Bush burned and demolished on 9-11. Contained records regarding the Bush Family dirty deeds.

Black Box: Something that survives all plane crashes except for those on 9-11

Evidence: Something all crime scenes have except 9-11

Investigation: Something else all crimes have except 9-11

Cover-up: Something Bush has been doing ever since 9-11

Osama Bin Laden: The scape"goat" for 9-11. Bush was reading a book about a goat on 9-11

Saddam: The perfect patsy to blame the Iraqi invasion on.

Homeland Security: An example of Neo-Nazism.

Gutanamo Bay: World's largest concentration death camp, based in Cuba where torture is OK and U.S. law doesn't apply.

Terror Color Chart: Child level idea. A scare tactic that keeps brainwashed Americans scared enough to give up their rights.

Anthrax: U.S. biological weapon to be used against Democrats that might oppose Bush's New World Order

Enemy Combatant: anyone that Bush doesn't like

Insurgents: Iraqi civilians

Militants: Palestinian civilians

Terrorists: anyone opposing Bush. (". . .you're either with us or with the terrorists . . .")

Oil: Black gold from our new US/ Iraq colony that God gave unto Bush.

Kyoto Protocol: Proposed controls for oil/gas emissions, handled by Cantor Fitzgerald, who's WTC floor was directly hit by the first plane on 9-11.

PreEmptive Strike: 1st Degree Murder. (The Bush Family claim to fame.)

Cluster Bombs: Weapons internationally banned, except for America, and used to terrorize civilians.

AC-130 Gunship: The US planes recently used to slaughter 600 people in Falluja, 450 of which were women and children.

WMD: Weapons of Mass Destruction, something banned in the middle east, except for Israel, and conversly, a word used to justify killing Israel's enemies

Door to Door Fighting: The video game you've all been playing. (War is fun. Join the Army for a good time and don't ask questions.)

Patriot: Only those Americans that support Bush's war by waving flags.

Chickenhawk: War mongers that avoided serving themselves. (Everyone in the Bush Administration)

Supreme Court: An American joke. Neocon clowns controlled by Bush/Cheney old family friend, Antonin Scalia

Congress: Republicans and their cleaning ladies that work for Bush, Israel, and the media

U.S. Media: More powerful than Congress. Absolute control over Americans. CBS, NBC, ABC, FOXX, CNN, and a few publications, all of which are Neocon Republicans who have received BILLIONS in tax write-offs under Bush.

Lies: A word the U.S. Media doesn't know how to say, but knows well how to use.

CIA: America's secret police put in place by Prescott Bush and used by George H. Bush to kill JFK, MLK, RFK, and then to put his son/prince in power so as to implement the secret plan to launch the New World Order for the New American Century.

FBI: The guys that kept getting in the CIA's way, till the Bush Family made sure Tenet knew what was good for him.

Israel: The land that the real God gave to his chosen people as a place to slaughter worshipers of the evil God.

Iraq: More land God promised to Israel, and where he stored the oil for his prodigal son.

Afganistan: The land controlling the pipeline to the Caspian Basin Oil.

Palestine: Non existent. Never existed. 2,000 years vanished without a trace. All non-Jewish inhabitants now determined to be terrorists.

Passion of the Christ: Movie used to prove that Jesus was white and that Christianity is anti-semetic and based on killing and torture.

Temple of the Dome: According to Zionist prophecy, the dome temple in the holy land will be torn down and a Jewish temple built, thus bringing on their "rapture"

The Rapture: When God reveals that Bush is his real son, sent to deliver us from evil, so that prophecies can be fulfilled and they can all go to heaven.

Christians: People that go to church to pray for war.

Muslims: People that worship the evil God.

Prime Time TV: The time when it's pro-war, pro-Bush, and pro-Israel propaganda on every channel.

TV News: Blatant lies and propaganda meant to brainwash support for Bush, war, and Israel, and to eliminate any morals Americans may have left.

TV Shows: slick hidden propaganda meant to brainwash support for Bush, war, and Israel, and to eliminate any morals Americans may have left.

Hate Radio: Every talk show on every radio station in America. All pro-war, racism, and hatred, as required by the FCC.

FCC: Controls all airwaves, run by Powell Jr., appointed by Bush, assures all radio and TV is pro-Bush, pro-war, and pro-Israel

Voting: A way to trick Americans into believing they matter.

Impeachment: A way to get rid of leaders that have sex so we can appoint criminals that invade and massacre other countries.

Separation of Church and State:
Old U.S. policy, no longer valid in our new "faith based" laws

God: He who promised Iraq unto Israel and sent his only begotten Bush to deliver it.

Allah: The evil God that terrorists and insurgents worship.

Church: a place to pray for war and the killing of evil people.

Mosque: a place where evil people go to pray

Evil: People in oil countries

Axis of Evil: Weak countries that have oil.

Skull and Bones: A Yale secret supremecy society for rich racists, a requirement for being U.S. president.

Bay of Pigs 1964: Place where Bush Sr.'s sniper division of his dad's CIA's failed to overthrow Cuba because JFK refused to take part.

Dallas, 1964: The time and place JFK was shot and Bush Sr. was near, but says he cannot remember.

Warren Commision: Panel of puppets that ignored evidence and claimed JFK was killed by a lone gunman.

9-11 Commission: Committee of faithful Bush devotee puppets assigned to clear him of any wrong doing.

Pardon: A way for a king to clear convicted war-criminals of treason so their sons can re-appoint them as thugs in the war against Islam.

Plane Crash: The Bush Family "method of choice" for killing political rivals.

Energy Meeting: Cheney's meeting where they planned the invasion of Iraq

War: What God wants.

Torture: What God recommends

War Crime: Something that does not apply to America or Israel.

International Treaties: Outdated concepts. Laws & agreements don't apply to America.

Geneva Convention: An International human rights treaty that doesn't apply to America or Israel.

U.N.: Useless organization, helpless to prevent US wars against oil producing countries.

COALITION: A group of scared countries that owe money to the American Mob Regime.