at The Coconut Teaszer

By Midnight Rider

THE OAKLEY-KRIEGER BAND's shows August 20 and August 27 at The Coconut Teaszer were great sets from these very talented guys, Berry Oakley, Jr. on vocals and bass, Waylon Krieger on guitar, Duane Betts on guitar and Alec Puro on drums. Their shows keep getting better and better each time they play.
During both shows, we were treated to some excellent music, both original and covers. Their originals songs, like "Locked," "Calling Me Back," "Believe Your Dreams," "Alone," "Honest Crime," "Room." "Love's My Enemy and "Impossible" stand out as true winners in today's music. And they play memorable covers like The Allman Brothers' "Hot Lanta'," The Door's "Back Door Man" and Cream's "White Room." On their Allman Brothers and Doors tunes, not only does it sound like the original song, but the feel and mood of that era has been astonishingly captured by the band! On the songs "Impossible" and "White Room" they end them with long, long jams that are most welcomed.
Their August 27 show was a rockin' and jammin' two hour set. They played this long because this was their last show at The Teasze for awhile cause they are going on tour around the country and into the studio. So it was nice to get a full dose of the guys to tide us over 'til they come back!
Be sure to keep a sharp eye out for their next rockin' gigs in the near future cause they are highly recommended!