By Al "The Limo Man"

On a cold and rainy Wednesday night, the long awaited musical debut of one of television's brightest rising young stars took place at L.A.'s premiere small venue, The Whisky. Here is RCN's exclusive back stage interview with ADRIENNE FRANTZ star of CBS daytime television show The Bold And The Beautiful.

RCN: Three months ago you were voted by a panel of music industry heavyweights as L.A.'s best female vocalist. Now you are playing for a packed house on the Sunset Strip. Where do you go from here?

Adrienne: We're going to be doing a concert with Offspring soon. We also have a chance to hook on with Prodigy. Next month we are going to Maui to do a gig. The future looks very good.

RCN: Tell us about your band members.

Adrienne: Travis Johnson is a great bassist. Joey Daigneault is a wonderful guitarist and writer. As far as drummers go, Larry Standridge is the supreme ruler of the universe. Rich Alick is a demi-god keyboardist.

RCN: What gives you a bigger rush, being a television star or being a rock star?

Adrienne: I just get a rush from both. Let's just say that I don't feel limited by either one. I love the big stage and playing at The Whisky. Even after performing the national anthem in front of 21,000 people in Detroit when I was 10 years old, that doesn't compare to the feeling I get on the big time Hollywood stage at The Whisky.

RCN: You get more ink in the mass print media than any other unsigned artist in America. How has all of that impacted your show business career?

Adrienne: It has been a great help that's for sure. Everyone new that I meet seems to know who I am as a TV star and that carries over to my music.

RCN: Tell us about some of the tracks on your new album.

Adrienne: There are twelve songs on the record. My favorites are "Table For Two," "Grey Day" and "Reality Control." We did those as our last three tunes of our set at The Whisky. They really sounded great. All of the songs are written by me and my band members. It's great having four writers in the band. We also recently went through some changes with some of our members departing. We went from a five piece to a power trio back-up band almost overnight. These guys are real pros. They have been through a lot to get here.

RCN: How would you best describe your music?

Adrienne: Our sound is completely radio friendly if that is what you are wondering about. I enjoy classic rock from the late '60's and early '70's as far as what influences my own writing style. What is so great about this band is that the other guys are very much into contemporary rock. When we cross both styles of classic and today's sound in our musical arrangements we are able to come up with a style that is very different from so much of what is out there on the airwaves. Plus, the members of this band are very charismatic on stage with their performance style. That makes the whole band look and sound better.

RCN: When did you realize that you wanted to be a singer?

Adrienne: I think it was when I was about two years old. My mom was listening to "Light My Fire" from The Doors. I just picked up on the melody and started singing it. From that point on my mom would play The Doors albums whenever I asked and I just started memorizing all of the songs. To this day I am still a huge fan of that band, and just like when I was a youngster, I still listen to their music just about everyday. My mom has been a great help with every aspect of my growth in show business. Especially the musical part.

RCN: What do you hope to achieve with your appearance on the cover of RCN?

Adrienne: Look, every artist in L.A. knows that this magazine has lasted longer than any other publication that covers the local scene. It means a lot to me to be on the cover of this issue because I know that there are many industry types that read this magazine. Plus, I want all of the musicians that read this magazine to know about my band. I know a whole bunch of television execs and movie people. But I really want to get to know the music people in L.A. I think that it all starts with this magazine. This truly is the best publication of it's kind in the world.

RCN: Finally, where do you hope to be two years from now with your music?

Adrienne: We are going to be everywhere. We have a lot of good people pushing this project right now. I have a huge vision for this group and I am following through on that vision to make sure that it happens. I admit that I am fortunate to be a popular daytime television star. But in the end, it is the music and my band's incredible talent level that will carry us to the big time. That is what the music industry looks for.

As a staff writer for RCN for the past 3 years, I can honestly say that this was the best single set performance by a new artist I have seen since I began my career as columnist for this publication. Adrienne Frantz is a star who is about to become a Supernova!