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Fri, Mar 17 - Wagatail Productions PresentsÉ Robert WalterÕs Super Heavy Organ, Delta Nove, Dj Jeremy Sole's Musaics
Sat, Mar 18 - Noah K Presents Fright NightÕs Marathon Of Fright Frankenstein, The Ghastly Ones, Rosemary's Billygoat, Stolen Babies, Radioactive Chickenheads, Mad Marionettes
Sun, Mar 19 - The Syn Featuring Chris Squire And Alan White Of Yes And Steve Nardelli
Mon, Mar 20 - Increment Organization Presents
Tue, Mar 21 - Kcrw Presents... Richard Hawley, Twinstar, Lily Cushman Culhame
Wed, Mar 22 - Polysics, Circle, Evil Beaver, Cul De Sac
Thu, Mar 23 - Kxlu 88.9fm And Filter Magazine Welcomes Arab Strap, His Name Is Alive, A Whisper In The Noise
Fri, Mar 24 - Early Show: Kxlu & Giant Robot Magazine Welcome... Eastern Youth, Facing New York, Bullet Train To Vegas Late Show: Chinky Eyed Presents... C Ray Walz, Goretex, Copywrite, Kosha Dillz, Live Radio, Dumbfoundead, 38 Cal Dj's
Sat, Mar 25 - Acoustic Playhouse Presents...
Sun, Mar 26 - Caffeine Teen Presents The Filament, Identity's Erosion, The Petes, The Messies, Mavin
Mon, Mar 27 - Very Special Seated ShowÉ. Sam Prekop And Archer Prewitt
Tue, Mar 28 - "Fenix Live Š The Best Of Latin Alternative Music" Mezklah, Afixion El, Roxing Kafe, Ardnaxela, Femi Tabu, Yard Squad
Wed, Mar 29 - Kxlu & Giant Robot Magazine Welcome... Japan Nite Tour Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re, The Rodeo Carburettor, The Emeralds, Stance Punks, P'ez
Thu, Mar 30 - Controlling The Famous, Fielding, The Pale Pacific, Man Alive, Ahmastˇ
Fri, Mar 31 - Volto Danny Carey(Tool)-Drums, Kirk Covington(Tribal Tech)- Keys/Vox, Lance Morrison(Don Henley)-Bass, John Ziegler(Pigmy Love Circus)-Guitar